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Be a part of the debate


Ages 14 - 16

Ages 16 - 19

Everyone has something to say about climate change. Empower your secondary students to have their say with Climate.Speaks!

Through the lens of different stakeholder groups, explore how everyone can help create a sustainable future.


Animals, including humans

Earth and atmosphere

Environment, Earth and Universe


Inspire your students to take an active role in building a more viable future. 

Free content available

  • Teacher guide

  • Lesson plans

  • Debate activities

  • Stakeholder guides

  • Source cards

  • Score sheet

  • Home task

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The 3-lesson programme:

  • Includes a step-by-step teacher guide

  • Helps students to prepare for an exciting and dynamic debate

  • Encourages independent and proactive thinking

  • Is flexible in delivery and for different ability learners

  • Curriculum linked to English, PSHE science, geography, media and politics

  • Perfect for in class or as part of debate club

Almost half of UK students believe that sustainability is not a priority in the classroom. 

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